Thursday, July 1, 2010

envelope project

Morning all! I just found out about a fun little project happening over at Meet Me At Mikes - the Envelope Project. It works like this:

* Send a decorated envelope to Meet Me At Mikes with a few cute little papery or crafty things inside it. Be sure to add your address on the back.
* Your envelope will be displayed in the Meet Me At Mikes shopfront window. They will take all the things out of your envelope and take a photo of what they receive each day.  They will upload that daily image to Flickr.  They will keep the project going for six weeks.
* At the end of that period they will draw one random envelope : and send that person ALL THE THINGS they received in the mail!  Every single thing.

Yay how much fun! I stuffed my envelope with a selection of my Little Beehive greeting cards :)
If you'd like to take part in this super fun project, head on over here and get the details.

P.S. One of the illustrators whom I admire very much, Ingela.P Arrhenius, has joined in the fun all the way from Sweden! You can read her blog post about it here.


Lisa Graves said...

I am SO doing this!!! Looks like so much fun!!!!
:) BTW, I absolutely LOVE your header illustration- its really quite brilliant.

The Ink House said...

What a fantastic idea! Lucky person who ever wins the prize! I might just have to give something to the postman as well :D

Ben Clanton said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing about this project.

sandybau said...

It sounds amazing Bee! I'm running to take part of it right now!!
Thanks for sharing ♥ ♥ ♥

Squirrel Girl said...

you have the CUTEST art!!!!!!!

Gabby Zapata said...

This sounds super cuuuute! I wish i'd receive cool envelopes like that instead of spam snail-mail from stores! haha thanks for the follow as well :) Beautiful work!