Wednesday, January 12, 2011

flood relief auction - CUTE STUFF UP FOR GRABS!

I'm sure many of you are aware of the absolute devastation that's happening up in Queensland and New South Wales here in Australia. Massive flooding has wiped out thousands of homes and businesses and taken lives. But in true Aussie fashion, people are banding together all over the country to raise money to help flood victims. 'Handmade Kids' and 'Rudy & The Dodo' have teamed up to get an auction of handmade goods happening in order to raise money for the cause! They are conducting the auction via Facebook, and you can check it out right here. I've donated two packs of invites to the winning bidder! The bidding is open to Aussie residents only. So if you're an Aussie resident why not check out all the GORGEOUS stuff up for grabs, all generously donated by crafters and makers from across the country! I'm gonna put a few bids on some lovely things I think... it's all in the name of helping out our fellow mates :) Auction commences this Fri 14th Jan, happy bidding!


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh how fabulous, love your work & what a great cause, love Posie

Anonymous said...

The flooding looks awful, it's been big news here in the UK, let's hope it sorts itself out soon. Well done for donating to your fellow Aussies, we did a similar thing when the South West got massively flooded, being washed out is devastating. I shall have a little nose at the auction even though I cant bid, it'll still be good to see how well it does.

TwoByTwo said...

Hats off to you for your contribution to such a worthy cause! Your work is fantastic!

Sami said...

Wow is such an understatement for your blog! Absolutely in love with your designs:)

Keep smiling :)

Anonymous said...

Man, I love that acorn-baby and well done for getting behind a great cause.

Anonymous said...

Your designs are awesome! I love your idea and you are brave w=to show it here. I have some designs but i cannot post them, i am scared. Though yours are better :b