Tuesday, April 19, 2011

autumn almanac

Helllloooo! Hope you're all doing great! I'm still on the crazy busy train so here is a quick little tune for ya. All the leaves are starting to turn wonderful colours here at the moment, and this song has been going around and around in my head. The Kinks - one of the bestest bands ever! I hope you enjoy :) Will pop by again soon, hopefully with some nice new work to show you. Take care until then! xoxo


monda-loves said...

Thanks for posting this. I haven't heard it in years! It reminds me of my parents - this was their era and they always used to play the good old tunes when I lived at home. Such a great song to start the day, even if we're in full spring here in the UK :o)

Goomie said...

Ohhhhh, Ray Davies rocks! Love that song, thanks for making my day!