Sunday, December 11, 2011

what a fab day!

I had a wee table and chairs set up with free colour-in activities for the kiddies - it was a hit!
Elora came to the market in between naps, dressed her in her Wonder Woman onesie hehe!
 Market day was UNREAL! The rain held off until late in the arvo, long after we had packed up and gone home - hurrah! It was warm and sunny (although quite gusty, there were moments I thought the marquee might blow away!) and lots of lovely, lovely people came out to enjoy the market. I met some fab people and had some very gorgeous customers - thanks guys! I think my fave customers had to be a wee brother and sister team who got very excited about choosing little owl softies for themselves and didn't want me to put them into paper bags because they just wanted to cuddle them hehehe! SO CUTE! Big, fat thanks to my awesome sis who helped out the whole day and Marty and my folks-in-law who supplied tables, transport and helping hands for set-up and pack-down. Will most definitely be doing that market again throughout 2012 hurrah! Happy Sunday folks! xox
P.S... I have FIVE owl softies left, they'll be up in my Etsy store tonight if anyone would like to provide homes for them! :)


The Ink House said...

Don't know where the message I just wrote went so.. Take two. Wow it looks awesome Bee! I hope you made a killing. It all looks so fun! Great weather yesterday (except last night there was one second between the lightening and thunder and it almost gave me a heart attack it was SO loud LOL). Cute about the little boy and girl - awwwww. You know what else is adorable? Ellie - cutttteeeee munchy!!!!

fhiona galloway said...

very sweet everything! your stall looks really attractive and i'm not at all surprised it was a big hit- well done! Love to see that wonder woman onesie-tee hee! :0))

Nina Seven said...

everything looks so fab, bee! and so professionally presented!

Christina Zemelka said...

beautiful products!

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