Thursday, February 18, 2010

1967 Home Beautiful

Yes, it DID cost only 25c! There is an ad in the magazine promoting a 12 month subscription for only $2. Wow.

I think this room is just so completely sexy... Yum!

These lights are priced from $7.05... I'd take ten! SO pretty.

Ah - 60's food styling... my goodness. I just love that little reindeer.

A Christmas shopping guide. I adore the little doll on the right.

Several years ago a friend gave me about a dozen Australian Home Beautiful magazines dating from the late 50s to the late 60s. What a score! They are very, very precious to me. I thought I'd share a few images from the December 1967 issue with you today. It's full of total gems, it was hard to pick out just a few. I will definitely share with you all some images from the other editions in the near future... Enjoy!


Posie Patchwork said...

Wow, they knew how to decoate, so warm & yummy, nothing like today's stark minimal lifestyle styling. Love Posie

Brad said...

very cool! i got my wife a set of the better homes and gardens home decorator encyclopedia set from the early 60's and they have tons of photos like this, i love this stuff!

Sarah Anderson-fan of doodling said...

Your Blog and art work are awesome. I LOVE 60's household mags. how gritty the photos are. So wishes!

BEE said...

Posie - oh yes, they DID know how to decorate back then! They also knew how to design furniture and buildings and fashion and music :) Bring it ALL back i say!!
Brad - a Better Homes ENCYCLOPEDIA SET?!! Holy cow I think i need one... Just the thought is making me drool.
Sarah - Thank you so much for your kind words! Your Etsy store is fabulous :D