Friday, February 12, 2010

zuper zucchinis

We grow a lot of our own organic fruit and veggies, and this Summer I've tried growing a different variety of Zucchini - it's a Lebanese Zucchini. They are SUPER DUPER sweet and tender, I just love them!
And look at the delicate, subtle colours and patterns on their skin - so pretty. They're hard to get in shops as their skin marks and scratches very easily, making them unsuitable for rough-handling and packing. As per usual, they've grown like crazy up in the back yard and we have an abundance of these lovely, sweet, tasty babies! I let the two in the picture grow rather large (about 2kg each!) and they are destined to be Curried Zucchini Soup (mmm SO GOOD), Zucchini Slice, Zucchini Fritters and even a Zucchini Chocolate Cake! Hopefully our freezer will be well-stocked with tasty dinners for a while.


apinkdreamer said...

hi! i'm eleni from greece! your art is fantastic! i like so much these images with the children!

BEE said...

Hi Eleni! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I'm really glad you enjoy my work! I just had a look at your wonderful blog, I think the magic spell to make a wish come true is fantastic... perhaps i will try this!