Wednesday, March 24, 2010

shape those booties!

Yay it's Wednesday - that means only two more days until the weekend! And boy am I hanging for the weekend... this week is super duper busy! How is your week going?
Just a quick note to let you all know the new season's range of Booty Shapers is out now.
What are Booty Shapers you ask? Booty Shapers are inflatable supports that keep your boots from flopping over in the cupboard, keeping them crease-free especially when you're not using them in the warmer months. The lovely Miriam (the brains behind Booty Shapers) asked me to design this season's range about a year ago, and they are now in stores - yippee! You can also buy them online here. It was a fun project, and a challenge too which made it extra exciting :)
P.S... Stay tuned for my first ever GIVEAWAY happening early next week.


Moira Millman said...

wow what a fab idea and such a useful item! my poor boots are usually slumped in a corner of the wardrobe! love the monochrome designs, very striking - the bird design is especially gorgeous:)

Brad said...

great idea and wonderful designs! my wife could use a pair of these.