Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm so lucky :)

I'm so lucky to have such wonderful neighbours! Kate from Princess Pie just happens to be my next door neighbour... the best next door neighbour anyone could wish for! Kate is a super talented cook, especially when it comes to baking sweet treats (check out her blog and you'll know what I mean) and she loves baking. As a result, I often get little treats passed over the back fence - lucky for me, Kate loves to share hehe!
This morning Kate and her two wonderful kids met me up by the back fence, and they had a fabulous birthday surprise for me... This BEAUTIFUL head scarf that Kate made herself (yes she is also a talented sewer). Just look at that gorgeous fabric! And this super yummy chocolate orange cake. Oh I just had a piece and I'll be having seconds shortly :) Thanks so much Kate, Brad, Bastian and Annais - you rock!!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOOH I admit!!! It's soooo good to be you he he hehe! This is both yummy and delicious!!!

Tamara Henderson said...

Everything look soo yummy!!! Happy Birthday!!!

PrincessPie said...

Oh, you're such a gem!

The Ink House said...

Mmmmm cake! A brown owl headband and cake - Kate knows you too well :D

miss pixie said...

hey is it your bday...Happy belated birthday Bee!!! XXX

Francisco Martins said...

Hey Bee, how are you?
Yeah you're absolutely right... I'm officially on vacations right now, so lot's of beach and sun and gym, and museums and ice creams for me :D

Oh Lord all mighty!! Don't you want to send that neighbour of yours to my street?? that thing looks sooooo yummy!!!!!! :D