Wednesday, August 4, 2010

winter in my garden

Hello all! Just a quick stop to bring you a few snapshots I took in my garden today. It's been drizzling and misty here all day (as per usual at this time of year up in the hills!) but the drizzle stopped for a bit this afternoon and the water droplets on the flowers looked stunning. So here are a few different Camellias (we are lucky enough to have some very beautiful old Camellia trees in our garden) and some winter vegies - Broccoli Raab (a relative of Broccoli) and Broad Beans. Hope you are having a top week :) xo


Jacki said...

I purchased one of your cards last week from Lark - it is so gorgeous! I'm loving your blog so much!

Tamara Henderson said...


Julissa said...

Hi Bee! Hope you are doing well. It's so nice to hear about all you've got going on. Love the sets over at the Lark blog.

Beautiful pics :) Isn't it nice to eat straight out of your garden?

And I love your ponny illo over at welovetoillustrate! What better way to eat ice cream than to have a pink mouse feeding it to you hehehe - too cute! ;)

bee said...

Hi Jacki - thanks so much for your lovely comments, I'm so thrilled you are enjoying my blog and my cards - thank you!
Tamara - thanks heaps, you are lovely!
Julissa - I just love your Dog Days illo too, it's a cracker! And yes there's nothing better than fresh vegies from the garden - mmm so good :)

Ben Clanton said...

Lovely! You have a good eye for taking photos as well. :)

Abz said...

Winter eh? lol..its BOILING over here in Toronto!

Nice flowers... might be delicious as a snack! ;)

bee said...

Ben - you are a sweety! Thank you :)

Abz - haha they are nice candy coloured flowers! Seriously though, tea comes from a type of Camellia so they are edible :)