Wednesday, September 22, 2010

exhibition accomplished!

Howdy everybody! How is your week going? Only a couple more days until the weekend - yay!
The exhibition opening last Friday was great - SO many fab people rocked up to have a look at our artwork and have a good natter. Was a very fun evening! I finally decided on names for my last two little friends... Thanks so much to Flora, who suggested the name 'Meg' for the girl and to Moira, who suggested 'Alfie' for the boy. All your suggestions were very much appreciated though, it was hard to chose just two.

Oh and I have decided to post the 'Getting to Know...' segment monthly. Workload is getting a bit nutty, and organising myself to do mini-interviews is a little tricky at the mo :) xo


Tania said...

I love it! Todo es muy lindo
: )

Moira Millman said...

Hey Bee! these look so great framed! glad your show was a success:) cheers for picking Alfie (our cat will be honoured, that's his name too!!)

Flora said...

Ooh, that's me! They look super, well done!

lauren carney said...

oh fancy indeed!
what a delightful post!
splendid! x

Tamara Henderson said...

I just love these little characters! Great work!

Kassandra Heller said...

Oh your work looks great framed and lined up like that!

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

ADORE these! so happy to have found your blog! ❤