Saturday, September 11, 2010

just for fun

Ben's doodle
Ben's first-time-in-Illustrator version

My version

Happy Saturday! Today I wanna share a fun little unplanned collaboration between myself and my little brother, Ben. Ben is an amazingly talented artist, I'm actually quite jealous of his skills! Anyway, he sent me this little doodle he did - characters of himself and his friend Chay. Ben's been wanting to learn Adobe Illustrator for a long time, and he decided he'd dive into it head-first and have a go at re-creating this doodle in Illustrator... So above we have Ben's little sketch, Ben's version in Illustrator (damn good for a first time Illustrator user!) and I couldn't resist doing a quick version too - fun! We hope to swap doodles for each other to colour-in some more.
Have a little peek at some of Ben's other work below - some sketches, some more finished. As you can see, he likes the darker sorta stuff as well as the super cute stuff! What an eye for detail!


Tamara Henderson said...

Great collaboration! Both illos are very cute!! He did a great job for a first time Illustrator users!

The Ink House said...

What a great job Bennie did for his first time in Illustrator! It's a really cute illo. I learnt last week that those kind of illustrations are called 'kawaii' meaning cute in Japanese (thanks Spoonflower!)
His other illos are awesome - interesting subject matter and great drawing skills. Plus I love kitties too!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey GIrly, Anyone ever told you how amazingly talented you are???? Oh but I am so DONE! AMAZING!

Sjan Weijers said...

that octopus is adorable :) great stuff, again

Shirley said...

Geeez...your bro is so talented, too, Bee! What a team and such a fun concept to work in tandem like that...fantastic! He sounds like a smart cookie too. : )

Anonymous said...

OMG! Chi faces! *dies of happiness*