Monday, December 6, 2010

harvesting garlic

Whoo it's hot and humid today! I've just pulled all my garlic out of the ground, ready to be hung and cured so it stores nicely all year. I had to pull it up a little early this year, as you can see, the bulbs aren't quite as big as they should be. All the torrential rain we've had recently has bent the garlic foliage right over, and they've started dying off already... so unfortunately we have small-medium bulbs this year, but it's still enough garlic to last us the whole year through, and some left over for xmas presents yay! Hope your Monday is going ace :)


Little Ted Canvas said...

How fantastic! You can never have too much garlic, especially home grown!

miss pixie said...

WOW now here is something that we cannot grow at this time of year, it looks and I am sure tastes amazing! :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOH it looks fabulous and I bet it's going to be used to make everything a little bit tastier for sure. Oh how wonderful is this! I love garlic! I mean I LOVEEEEE the stuff! It's on every thing I eat! Great job on this!
Best wishes for a Happy Garlicky Holiday!

The Ink House said...

WOW you and Marty are going to stink! :D