Wednesday, March 21, 2012

blue eggs!

Hi everyone! Phew things have been so busy, but it's been great! I had a market stall for Little Beehive at GrassRoots Community Market on the weekend and it was great fun :D Lovely to meet so many nice people - customers and fellow stall holders alike! Can't wait until the next one in May.
In other news - our lovely Araucana has started laying us the most GORGEOUS blue eggs! Aren't they special?! And in keeping with the blue theme - here are my 'Blue Ballet' pumpkins I just harvested this morning. I hope they are as delicious as they look :)
Have a top Wednesday! xo


Unknown said...

Wow, I've never seen blue ones before! They are special indeed:)

Glad to hear the market went well! Have a lovely Wednesday!

melissa said...

Those blue eggs are amazing. I couldn't eat them!