Friday, March 30, 2012

special birthday lady

How are you all? Feels like a while since I last posted - I've been hanging out over on Facebook a bit though, so come join me over there if you haven't already!
Bit of a personal post today. I have been debating whether or not to post this but you know what? I'd like to share this pic of my beautiful mum with you all coz I think she really is a beautiful mummy :)
It's her birthday today. She would be 59 years young. If she were still with us I would be taking her out on the town for some serious martinis tonight! Instead I think I'll just have a quiet one (or two!). I know she'll be right there celebrating with me anyway :)
What about you? Do you do anything to remember your dearly departed on their special days? It's nice to celebrate them even if they can't physically be with you I think.
Righto - I'm going to the supermarket to get me some stuffed olives so I can make a real proper martini tonight! Happy Birthday Mum! xox


Tamara Henderson said...

Hey Bee, Happy Birthday to your Mum!! She is beautiful! My mother passed away when I was young and I still remember her on special days it keeps them memory of them alive. xx

Flora said...

Beautiful photo :)

I nearly had a shock as I scrolled down to the next picture. Was relieved to see it was 2 eggs and not a bare bottom!

Flora said...

I've just noticed how similar you look to your mum from your profile picture, amazing!

kooka_b said...

You make my heart smile B! Just as I know your Mum is smiling every day when she looks down on you. All my love! Dian

Unknown said...

you look so like your mum! Very pretty :0))

Moira Millman said...

That's a lovely photo Bee, is it on her wedding day? You look a lot like her, it's sad that you've lost her but I'm sure she's still very much with you:) have a lovely weekend x

Lark said...

Your mum looks like a lovely lady, Bee. It's my dear Dad's birthday this month too, he would be 78. Here's to wonderful parents! xx

bee said...

Awww thanks so much all you lovely people!
Tamara- so sorry to hear about you mum, it's lovely that you remember her on special days though. Hugs! xo
Flora - hahah that made me laugh!! No bare bottoms on THIS blog hehe ;)
Dian - thanks so much, it's hard without her sometimes but much easier when I remember she really is still 'about' :)
Fhi - aww she was a very pretty lady. I only hope I look as good as she did at age 50!
Moira - yes it is her wedding day. To be honest though she didn't look a day older at 50, lucky thing hehe!
Allison - Cheers to your dad too, I hope you can get through his birthday without feeling too sad. Here's to wonderful parents indeed! xo

Shirley said...

Oh, happy happy birthday to your dear sweet mum, Bee...I know she is smiling upon you and your sweet Elora right now. I know it! Big hugs to you..she was and is a beautiful soul..