Monday, March 5, 2012


Numurkah on Sunday. Photo: ABC News
What a weekend! Not the relaxing weekend I had been looking forward to... rather a more dramatic and eventful one!
We arrived in Numurkah, a little country town about 4 hours drive north, on Friday afternoon. When we arrived the creek that runs through the town was looking full and running fast. By Saturday morning the creek had crept even higher and by the afternoon it was starting to worry a lot of people. The army and SES were putting sandbags in place as the creek rose ever higher. After a bit of debate, we decided we should leave early... just incase the worst happened. So things were hurriedly packed into bags, and we headed back home... with a tired cranky baby in the back and a not-very-relaxed-and-refreshed me in the front!
Lucky we left when we did. The entire town flooded overnight. Here are a few snaps I took before we left, and a couple of images of the aftermath. I hope the residents of Numurkah are doing OK and are well and safe - unlike us, they had nowhere to run to.

The resident family of Black Swans were about the only ones who thought all the water was a good thing.

Saturday morning the creek was lapping the legs of the benches which usually sit a way back from the edge of the bank.
The Army were sandbagging literally out the front of our cabin.

The drive home - the paddocks looked more like lakes
The Main Street. Photo: The Australian.


Nina Seven said...

WOW! Glad you got out when you did! Stay dry!

Unknown said...

oh, those pictures are just heartbreaking! Glad you are safe! xxx

Julissa Mora said...

Oh gosh, Bee! Glad you got home safe. x