Thursday, January 28, 2010

a little green

It's set-up night for the exhibition, and there's been plenty of last-minute things to do today, but I just had to stop for a little while and take in a bit of the beautiful sunshine this afternoon. I noticed all the fruit in my garden ripening nicely with the warmer weather, but thought I'd share with you a few snaps of some of the little green fruits before they get big and juicy! I think they are pretty cute! Here we have (top to bottom) :
*Walnuts - have you ever seen a walnut growing on a tree? I hadn't until I moved to this house! In fact, I was totally stumped as to what kind of fruit this was until I noticed the dried shells all over my back lawn... unfortunately I don't get to harvest these babies as the cockatoos get every last nut JUST before they are ripe! Next year I plan to prune the tree so it's small enough to net.
*Lemons -
can't wait to slice these up and pop them in a beer on a nice hot evening! Or perhaps make a yummy lemon slice.
*Crab Apples - How cute are these mini apples? Come Autumn, they will be bright red and look stunning on the tree through to the start of winter... that is, if the birds don't eat them first!
*Kaffir Limes - these warty, wrinkly fruits have no juice but the grated rind and leaves are AMAZING in Thai cooking.

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