Wednesday, January 27, 2010

top tissues

Do you ever get sick of the SAME OLD tissue box designs? Fuzzy baby animals, photographic flowers, seashells... if you are anything like me, the complete lack of fab designs must really make you frustrated! Well friends, I got such a lovely surprise while doing the grocery shopping the other day... have a look at what I found! NO WAY!! Funky retro patterns have finally made their way onto the tissue boxes at my local supermarket HURRAH! These are Quilton brand, and they have a new range of designs out called 'Modern'. About time... well done Quilton.
Perhaps I'd better stock up before they run out?!


Brad said...

Yes I agree WELL DONE, Quilton. I wish they had these at my supermarket..

BEE said...

Hmm yes I usually am very budget conscious but I really don't mind paying the extra 20c for these babies!