Sunday, June 20, 2010

handmade christmas challenge

Happy weekend everyone! Yes I know it's a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but my fellow blogger friend over at Knicky Knacks has come up with a brilliant idea, and I'm joining the challenge! Here's a little bit about it:

"I've decided to start my shopping early. But this is no ordinary shop. I've decided to make a pledge in support of all those brilliantly crafty bloggers out there by purchasing gifts that are only handmade. Every Saturday I thought we could share something that we are creating for Christmas, a gift idea we've discovered or something we've spied on Etsy or the Madeit Shop."

Sound like a good idea? If you are interested the full details can be found HERE. I'm thinking this might just be the year that I actually get organised and create or buy some beautiful handmade gifts (instead of the usual batch of jam or cookies, chucked on the night before Christmas!).

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Knicky Knacks said...

Hey Bee, thanks so much for joining in and letting everyone know about it on your blog. Very lovely of you. Can't wait to get into the Christmas spirit. I love Chrissy and have already started looking for the perfect gifts on Etsy and Madeit. My word, there are some gorgeous things! Have a great rest of the weekend.